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About Zoe

Hi, I'm Zoe! I grew up in Shepherdstown, WV, and I'm so excited to be back working for the communities in which I was raised. I have 6 years of experience working as a music therapist and clinical supervisor in a private practice. In addition to music therapy, I have a deep love for dogs, Dolly Parton, gardening, and the history of hip hop. I believe that therapy is a very vulnerable experience and participants should have the right to direct their own goals and be treated the way that they want to be treated.

Zoe, a white femme person, hugs a large curly haired dog. Bluebells are in the background.
Approach to Therapy

I believe that a therapist's role is not to fix something broken. Instead, it's to build a relationship with participants so that desires for growth, rest, and/or play can be identified and supported. My work is informed by critical theories and social justice movements such as disability justice, queer theory, and critical race theory.

I am grateful for all the mentors and activists who have shaped my learning including Kerry Devlin, Hakeem Leonard, and Anthony Meadows.

Education and Trainings
  • Shenandoah University (2021-2023). Master of Music Therapy Degree. Award for Professional Excellence.

  • Licensed Practitioner of Music Therapy (LPMT) (2022-Present). License no. 00067.

  • World Music Pedagogy (2022). Smithsonian Folkways.

  • Music Therapist- Board Certified (MT-BC) (2018-Present). Credentialing Board for Music Therapists.

  • Hussman Autism Support (2018)

  • Maryland Nonprofits: Standards for Excellence (2018)

  • West Virginia University (2013-2018). Bachelors of Music in Music Therapy.

Significant Works
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